Minkovsky Media is a Public Relations and communications firm specializing in strategic media consulting and crisis management.

We pride ourselves on being the most effective, qualified, creative, and organized firm in Israel. Any one of our over 200 loyal clients will approve this message. Some of our clients have been working with us since 2015, the year we started our amazing journey. Yes, we grew fast. No, it didn’t go to our heads. We are still Minkovsly from the block, and we have the same professional and relentless attitude.

Minkovsky Media offers its expertise across various sectors: real estate, finance, transportation, and logistics companies, government bodies and institutions, retail, restaurant business, law firms, accounting firms, NGOs, labor unions, celebrities and media influencers, musicians and creators. They each get our tailor-made services and enjoy our hands-on approach.

We provide brand marketing and creative design, graphics, websites, copywriting, and social media services through our digital media division, Mink N Vik.

We have so much love for Israel’s Startup Nation. That’s why we help innovative High-Tech, Fintech, and Cybersecurity companies grow and be heard on all the platforms available. They think big and challenge us to make the impossible possible.

Over the years, we have accompanied many companies on fateful funding rounds, in their evolution into unicorns, and in the exciting IPO moments to the sound of the Wall Street bell. Our clients are ranked at the top of several lists, such as best and most promising companies to work for and Next billion-dollar startups. And we’re here to take them higher. And higher.