Our Specialities

PR Services
& Media Consulting

With an experienced team of media consultants, we deliver the right message to the right audience, most accurately and effectively. We know how the media works and how to tell a story in a compelling and impactful way. The stories we tell are heard loud and clear and spread widely, from newspaper pages to social media, from Facebook to TikTok, from billboards to prime-time TV.

We talk to journalists, editors, and commentators to best convey what you have to say. Through our relationships with the media in Israel and abroad, we can influence the agenda and get maximum exposure.

We do not wait for things to happen. We initiate.

Media Strategy

We believe in long-term media planning strategies. We prepare ourselves for a marathon, not for a sprint. We outline our PR goals, research and develop an in-depth understanding of who we represent. We identify our target audiences and get to know them inside and out.

We are your partners. Holding dialogue is a key value for us. A joint effort brings the best results. In the media jungle, You have to stand out from the crowd.

Crisis Management

We live in an era where one careless slip-of-the-tongue can bring down an entire organization and cause significant damage. A slight mistake can have a snowball effect, so responding quickly and effectively is essential. We see the big picture and help our clients to manage the crisis, minimize damage and navigate the storm together.

Staying silent in today’s world of social media is not an option. We will guide you in deciding if, when, and how to issue an apology and take responsibility.

Most importantly: keep things in proportion. A crisis is often an opportunity for growth and for positive change.

Government Relations
& Lobbying

We have extensive experience working with local authorities and government ministries, committees, councils, and statutory corporations. We know how to deal with the worst organizational Bureaucracy from many years of familiarity with the public sector. We open doors that seem closed to you and provide direct access to decision-makers and legislators.

Suppose you have a social or business agenda that you want to promote. In that case, we will help you define your objectives, identify key officials and politicians, develop alliances, state your case effectively and most importantly – make your voice heard.

Digital Media

Mink N Vik, our digital media division, is a one-stop shop for digital solutions. We offer our social media management and digital marketing services and help maximize your Presence and power in the virtual world.

We support traditional businesses in adapting to the digital revolution and also change if necessary. Are you looking for e-commerce branding? We will design your company’s visual language and formulate a marketing strategy. We are masters of creativity and copy. We do things very carefully and with great attention to detail. We’re taking your product from Concept to Launch. With us, your digital dreams will come true.

Business Development

The ecosystem of acquaintances, friendships, and partnerships we established over the years, along with the human capital we surround ourselves with – is a valuable treasure that cannot be measured by any scale. One of our overarching goals is to assist our customers in building such systems of partnerships and business connections and to perfect the products and services we offer – within the framework of our Business Development Department.