Our Crew

Chairman & Owner

It’s a story about a redhead from the northern suburbs of Israel who joined the IDF spokesperson’s unit. After completing his army service, he continued his work in the public sector as a strategy and communications advisor to Yitzhak Aharonovich, the minister of internal security in the Israeli government.

His next stop was in the private sector, joining a Jewish-sphere public relations project. In 2013, this redhead led a victorious campaign by Yona Yahav for the mayorship of the city of Haifa and became his spokesman. But after three years, he felt that he is ready to take off and fly solo. Eido founded Minkovsky Media, which soon became one of the most impactful firms in the high-tech sector and local media market.

Shir Boiko Rimon
Group CEO & Partner
Raz Novik
Mink N' Vik CEO & Owner
Ariel Hoffert
Deputy CEO & Partner
Elad Lavi
CFO, Legal & Partner
Dvory Kerzhner
VP Strategy & Partner
Nilly Sagie
VP Clients
Itamar Kal
Senior Media Consultant
Tal Harosh
Team Leader & Media Consultant
Sivan Minkovsky
Projects Manager
Ziv Beilin
Head of Legal & Finance
Einat Sultan
Head of Business Development
Nadav Papo
Senior Media Consultant
Liron Shwartz
Social & Creative
Hofit Shalev
Senior Media Consultant
Orel Sharabi
Personal Assistant
Adi Ben Yehuda
Media Consultant
Alex Orenstein
Media Consultant
Israel Saranga
Media Consultant
Amit Raviv
Media Consultant
Shir Almoznino
Media Consultant
Ofri Avidor
Media Consultant
Guy Yagur
Media Consultant
Zohar Sharbbi
Senior Media Consultant
Ofir Bachar
Media Consultant
Yuval Rovner
Media Consultant
Ron Hirsh
Head of Digital Operations & WebDev
Shani Ashri
Creative & Projects Management
Shahar Levi
Head of Art
Ore Chazan
Strategy & Creative
Keren Sidkovsky
Strategy & Creative
Dor Haviv
Design & Motion
Odelia Nahir
Design & Motion