“Minkovsky” is a One-Stop-Shop PR firm. Established in April 2015 by Eido Minkovsky, the firm boasts expertise ranging from strategic media consultation and crisis management, through public relations and lobbying, new media, campaign management consultation, to business connections and conference and event production. The company quickly crossed the 100-client threshold with operations spanning multiple industries: high-tech, real estate, infrastructure and transportation, finance, government, retail, food and beverage, law firms, accounting firms, NGOs, workers’ unions, popular culture, celebrities, media influencers, and more. Despite its rapid growth, “Minkovsky” maintains its small-firm touch. Every one of our media consultants becomes an integral part of the client’s company. “Minkovsky” has taken on a young, upbeat, cheeky approach that sets it apart, taking on an enterprising, functional, and – may we also say – happy nature.
Ultimately, we don’t bite more than we can chew. We are a diverse group of young people working alongside experienced professionals, loaded with insatiable ambition that is rooted in our basic DNA. Put together, we have over 100 years of experience in PR, which come into play as we roll up our sleeves and work for our clients, from dawn till dusk and beyond.
In a small country like ours, communications, public image, and public awareness can greatly influence the public agenda – and our job is to make it serve our benefit. Your benefit.

Whether you are looking for the way to turn your company into a household name in the local or global market, start a campaign for recruiting investors or build a digital media strategy – we are the place for you. You are welcome to write us an email at the address below or call us. We are always available – that’s just how it is in the world of communications.

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